Chronicles of Astoria Part II Epsilon-kindle ebook by M R Shields

Chronicles of Astoria part II is a perfect purchase for any teen or young adult reader who loves fantasy fiction. In this part  there is so much action and so many of the stories that were left hanging or unexplained in part I are now brought to light.

The story itself takes place three months after part I and continues each sub story accordingly. My advice to anyone that has read part I is to read it again, it will make part II make far more sense. The romance between Raphael and Chance continues as they both hide secrets from one another, driving a wedge between their love and increasing the suspense of what is to come.
On its own this part stands strong, it has action right from the start and a sub story also details the trials that an aspirant must go through to become an Angel and earn their prestigious armour. There is the classic good versus evil theme, along with various other themes such as ' a hero that falls' and also an enemy that repents. The tale has four sub plots once again and starts off with the short story 'Mobeus' an important character who will come into play later in the series (parts III-VI) and this section will explain exactly what happened to the world as we know it and why the Angels came to be. I hope you enjoy.

"It has been three months since Astoria was thrown into chaos by the sinister workings of the Dark Lord and the Angels are doing everything that they can to piece it all back together. It is Chances' hope that the Superfuse world championships will bring the people closer once more and return happiness to their once beautiful city... but an even darker plan has already been set into motion

Everywhere he goes Raphael is heckled, hated and generally unwanted. He just cannot understand it. Some Astorians even go as far as assaulting him with produce from their stalls. He finds himself lying to Chance more and more each day, lies that he believes are not going unnoticed and he blames her lack of affection towards him on himself. He has dark secrets that he needs to tell her but with her attention focussed on the Superfuse preparations, he just can't find the right moment.

Chance finds herself with an inner turmoil. She is pregnant and hasn't told Raphael yet. She feels him slipping further and further away from her and she begins to analyse just how badly she treats him and blames herself for the unsaid truths that are now constantly passing between them. She needs to tell him about the baby but can't find the right moment; she vows to tell him after the tournament.

When the tournament gets vandalised and all fingers are pointing at Raphael, the sinister scheme is set in motion. Have both Angels left it too late to confess their truths?"