Bitter Melody - Kindle ebook by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton

What would you do if the man you loved might be trying to kill you?

When Elaine Sands auditions as a singer for the Wind River Band, her
wildest dreams seem to be coming true. But soon it is clear that
someone is out to ruin her success. During her first night on stage,
Elaine barely escapes receiving a fatal electrical shock. Threatening
phone calls suggest she has become the target of some obsessed fan.
Yet Elaine notes undercurrents of resentment directed at Rex Tobin,
handsome singer and part owner of Craft Music Productions. Rex, not
Elaine, might be the actual target. Elaine is shattered when she finds
out Rex has a reason to want her out of the way-and may have hired her
for the sole purpose of staging her death. What started out as a
once-in-a-lifetime adventure suddenly becomes a tour of fear.

This is a clean romantic suspense. My sister and I were inspired to
write this book because of our many vacations south to Louisiana and
Texas, especially the Padre Island area, which make up the setting for
our tale of suspense and romance. Though neither of us are musicians,
we have a special feeling for artists and singers who we know feel the
same way about their crafts as we do about writing. As one reviewer
pointed out, this book is not so much about the "glitz and glamour" of
the music business. It is more a story about a developing romance
between a seasoned musician and a woman who hopes to break into the

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