California: Sex, Death and Money - A Crime Novel by Christopher Newland

The robbery of a secret monetary deposit brings to light the banking practices of a drug cartel in Los Angeles. As the police investigate, two of the detectives begin to formulate plans for a second robbery of the location, thinking it will be covered by the initial crime. 

T. Dalton Rhodes gets drummed out of the Marine Corps for bad conduct. As he hits the road trying to discover the bad boy within he meets a man with the means to change his life and realize his dreams of violence and crime.

Carl is a weathered veteran of the war on drugs, working Southern California for mysterious men who call themselves Hermanos de Sangre. As point man in their campaign he employs every dirty trick in the book, carrying out orders without question, always with one eye covering his own back. When he meets Rhodes he finds a willing apprentice, someone to hand the business off to when he retires.

Deputy Sam Franklin never could have imagined he'd one day become the pawn in a shadow war being fought between unknown forces. But that's what happens when a lawman decides to step to the other side of the line between right and wrong.

The Blood Brothers have been in the game for a long time, executing a plan they created while college students. Known only to one another, their identities are in danger of being exposed by foes both old and new. Ruthless and efficient, they allow nothing to stand in the way of their profits, not even one another.