Cool Side of the Pillow - ebook by Gregory G. Allen

They say 'write what you know', but I prefer to tell different stories of people other than myself. I write fiction full of diverse situations to show how someone can overcome and prevail. That is how I came to write about a stay-at-home dad dealing with a workoholic wife, overbearing inlaws, and an overwhelming feeling of being lost when his child starts school. He grows weary of checking his online virtual games, tending to his sexual needs by himself (as his wife is always too tired), and has basically let himself go when he quit his corporate job to tend to his son. None of this falls into my own personal life, but in a way - we all can still 'know' this man. I relate to Zachary Kleinmann in that way that we all may have an unspoken dream that we don't quite allow into our reality. Once his child his back in school and he is knocking on forty years old, it is time to take stock of his life. He meets an eccentric older actress that is a cross between a crazy Jessica Lange and a lovable Mia Farrow and she introduces him to a life he has never known and in turn, helps him find his cool side of the pillow.