Spears of Britannia - kindle ebook by Scott Hurst


Spears of Britannia has taken the UK market by storm. Set in Ancient
Rome, it is an epic battle of British history. The title will be FREE
until Saturday 13th July 2013.

A land is at war. And two brothers are turning on each other in a fight
that will determine the fate of a nation.
The mighty Roman Empire is on the wane.
Under attack from its enemies, it is losing interest in its far-flung colony - Britannia.
The Saxons are threatening the land.
Unless the native tribes come to together to create a united Britain they will be crushed by a fresh invader.
'Since the Empire will not defend us, we must defend ourselves,' goes
the cry of the British warriors. 'We Britons no longer need Rome. We
need only each other.'
Maximus has returned to his tribe. With his father, Severus, old and feeble, he is ready to take back his seat as the prodigal son, next in line to lead the Catuvalluni tribe.
However, his drunkard younger brother, Dye, ruled by his cruel and manipulative wife, Calista, has set his sights on the title and is ready to challenge Maximus for their father's position.
With his family torn apart and his right to rule undermined, does Maximus have any hope of recovering the legendary Great Torc - a revered symbol of peace and unity - to bring the British tribes together against the ruthless Romans and blood-thirsty Saxons?
And can the 'Spears of Britannia' ever be turned on the real enemy?