Curiosity Killed No One - kindle ebook by Akis Apostolidis

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Two friends meet each other, and via their conversation, they  try to understand the meaning of life. An imaginary philosophical story, that gives answers to many questions troubling humans.

Τhis book was written in Greek by Akis Apostolidis and translated in English by Nancy Pesmazogloy.

I focused on human's psychology, and I tried to explain why we do believe in God, what is happiness, what is our emotions, what is the meaning of life, why we are unhappy, and many other things we want to know.

These answers, come from a conversation by two people, a realistic  and a more emotional thinker. The realistic thinker tries to explain things like a computer, without feelings and with the use of some mathematical examples. The emotional thinker, has a more common type of thinking. He is a victim of the common beliefs and he tries to understand life with an emotional way.

The story has subversive end. It is a short story, easy to read and understand, that you will love it.