Brayden Rider, Tales of a Medieval Boy - kindle ebook by Christopher Barnett

Brayden Rider, Stories of Adventure Set in Medieval Britain

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Brayden Rider lives in a small medieval village on the outskirts of a great forest in the middle of endless countryside. Only ten-years-old and with his father missing, his life promises to be one of endless toil and struggle. Or does it?

A great storm brings with it a young knight carrying a cryptic message. A message that may point Brayden to those who have imprisoned his father, and who are now hunting Brayden, for what, he has no idea.

Brayden soon embarks on a journey to the great castle, where he'll have to adapt to the life of a page, make new friends and unravel the mystery of who or what is after him. In this coming of age story, Brayden will confront all the danger and intrigue of life in the medieval age, while starting down the path to his destiny.

Brayden Rider is the first in a series of new novels chronicling the story of a boy and his friends as they grow up in Medieval Britain amidst adventure, Templar Knights, loss and love.

Brayden Rider, Tales of a Medieval Boy
by Christopher L. Barnett