Death, Taxes, & A Two-Song Set - kindle ebook by Tim L Campbell

Death, Taxes, & A Two-Song Set follows the author through wretched depression at the failure of his marriage into a world very different from what he was used to…saving him and ruining him at the same time. Beautiful women tempted him out of his empty, dark home and gave him something to look forward to – positive attention and physical stimulation. Even if it was bought, paid for, and never actually delivered to any satisfaction.

Overcoming his shyness and timidity, he learned to talk to attractive women; he was the nice guy exception to the rule for most of them in their workdays. Each visit forced him to explore his own morality and his place in the mess with everybody else, usually to his intense dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, people are amazing and brilliant in their diverse ways of treating each other and themselves, and that made it all an adventure worth having – he wasn't there to fix anyone, solve anything, document anything; he just wanted to live a little.

There was dancing, and teasing, serious times and ridiculous times. It did change his life, though it probably didn't change anyone else's. If you ever wanted to ride along in someone's mixed-up brain and see the world through their eyes, here's a chance.