Dying Words (A Ghostwriter Mystery 4) - kindle ebook by C.A. Larmer


Normally, sassy ghostwriter Roxy Parker relishes a good mystery but when a murdered man splutters her name with his final, dying breath, she has an inkling she's headed for trouble with a capital T. Within days, Roxy's place has been broken into, her publisher burgled and the man's quivering daughter is begging her for help. It seems the dying man has sent her a photograph that is more than just a happy snap. It just might hold the key to his brutal murder and to a series of horrendous crimes that began in a foreign land three decades earlier. Thus begins the fourth in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery series starring merlot-swilling writer Roxy Parker and her motley collection of mates, including super cop Gilda, trendy Caroline and hunky boyfriend Max (who has a bombshell of his own to drop). In Roxy's most confounding mystery to date, it's not just about murder, it's about greed, betrayal and cold-blooded revenge. But this time it's not just served cold, it's turned positively moldy.