EROS Acquisitions Vol. 1: College Girl Recruitment -a kindle ebook by Alanna Chambers

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This fun erotic short of 7000 words  is first in a series about EROS Acquisitions, an erotic undercover organization that steals from white-collar reprobates who would otherwise go unpunished. Each story focuses on sex, but is set in a light action caper arena where characters touch on themes of revenge, justice, and empowerment. During each operation, a different sexual scenario gets played out by the agents in order to pull off the scheme. 
Infiltration involves computer hacking and posing undercover.
The first story is mostly told through the point of view of Claire, a precocious and horny college student with no sexual experience -at first- who gets recruited by her professor, Allen Cambridge. She's initially brought on for her computer programming abilities, but in future stories, she will grow into a supersexed field agent who teams up with other EROS members, all while her passion for her repressed former teacher (now boss) grows.


Claire smiles and leans into Taylor's soothing fingers. "Well, it won't take you long to find a new boyfriend. Especially with massages like this."

"I've had it with men. I'm thinking of becoming a lesbian."

Claire laughs. "You?"

"Why is that funny? I'm attracted to women. You've got a nice little figure."

Claire turns to look at a shrugging Taylor.

"When you get dressed for class, I'm not always asleep in the morning. You're figure's really tight, especially your ass." She nibbles small kisses up and down Claire's neck. Heat rushes to Claire's face. Taylor unbuttons Claire's top all the way, and fondles her perky breasts. "Let me practice being a lesbian on you. I can figure out how to make a woman come."

"I'm not sure about this. I mean, really. No one's ever touched me this way—guy or girl."

"You've never been to second base?"

"I've never dated anyone. I've never even french kissed anyone." Claire looks Taylor dead in the eyes, "I'm that inexperienced."

"I've never frenched a girl. It'll be a first time for both of us." Taylor gently turns Claire's chin and kisses her on the mouth, her shimmery pink lip gloss gliding over Claire's naturally dark berry lips. "Mm, girl lips are so sweet and soft." Taylor's tongue parts Claire's lips, and for the first time, Claire feels a warm tongue sliding and searching inside her mouth. She blushes and grows hot, hungrily kissing back Taylor, who takes one of Claire's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gently pinches. Claire feels an electric current running straight down to her crotch and feels a wetness in her panties. She pulls away and gasps, shocked at her own urgent need.

"Do you like this, or should we stop?"