From the Beatles to Blair - an ebook by John Rigbey.

From the Beatles to Blair.

(And Some of the Bad Behaviour in Between)

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"Beatles" is John Rigbey's second novel and a second outing for Detective Chief Inspector Michael Gregory – 'outing' being in the sense that book features him: nothing else, I'm afraid!

Many readers have asked me if the book is true. Well, like "The Strange Michael Folmer Affair" it is a roman à clef – most of the characters are based on people who exist or existed, many of the incidents took place and the whole is overlaid with fiction. Gregory is an amalgam of several senior CID officers I worked with – all of whom had their uncertainties and insecurities and a few were serious drinkers and had problems in their private lives. The character of Chaim Margolis aka Charlie Marker existed, as did the various gangsters, several of the politicos and many of the policeman. Much of the early police career of Albert Flight is based on personal experience and many of the incidents (although not all) happened.

"Beatles" is a story about corruption and wickedness both in the police and in government. It is about greed, blackmail and (because it is a story) it is about murder. I have tried to give an insight into police informants and what makes them tick – and the danger they can be to policemen. The reader – as does Gregory – may wonder about police corruption, and consider that as policemen are not dishonest when they join, what it is that makes them so. Much has been written and said about this but, it seems, with small understanding to date.

So: enjoy "Beatles!" Travel with "The Off Couple" through France and Spain as they further their grisly career, witness their demise at the hands of the enigmatic "Arthur" and learn their dreadful and sad secrets. Live with Mike Gregory, witness his self-doubt, his mistakes -  and watch as he becomes romantically involved with beautiful black solicitor Cammie Cornish. Ask yourselves if someone like Aubrey Chittoe really exists in governmental circles – and don't write and ask me, because I don't know either!

"Tiggyloo" for Amazon says: "This is the second John Rigbey novel I have read. Both books kept me up at night as I couldn't put them down. John clearly knows his stuff from London of the 60's. I love how he mingled corruption, The Krays and modern-day policing. I loved the chapter about an assassination in Spain. So cleverly written. I can see John Rigbey's books being made for TV............"

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