Last Alive - kindle ebook by Mark Yarwood

LAST ALIVE- An entire family massacred, one survivor, and a merciless
serial killer.

North London is the hunting ground of serial killer that targets
families. The sadistic killer likes to leave one victim alive, to send
them a taunting text, to soak up their suffering.

The latest slayings happen two years after the first family are
killed, and so the investigation is reopened with DCS Linsey Freeman
in charge of tracking down the Family Killer.

Ex- Detective Sergeant Terence Marsland has retreated from life after
the death of his wife and the end of his police career. Suffering from
a kind of social phobia, Marsland soon finds himself being begged by
the first victim to privately investigate the latest murders. And so
he begins a desperate race against the official investigation to track
down the killer while battling his own fears and insecurities. Then
Marsland becomes the victim himself.

Last Alive is part of the Edmonton Police Station thrillers, which is
a unique set of crime thrillers that has stepped away from the usual
formula that other crime authors have used- instead of one lead
character that solves every crime in every book, there are many
characters that take charge of each individual investigation. This
approach reflects the real life criminal investigations into serial
cases, when the Senior Investigating Officer will usually pick a team
to support them during the case.

Last Alive is a gripping, shocking and haunting trip into the mind of
an evil killer, and the tough and hard work of the men and women on
their trail.

Prepare yourselves for a read that you won't want to put down...

The Family Killer is watching…

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