The Living Hunger - A Post-Apocalyptic Novel by Dennis F. Larsen

My father was a very rough but charismatic man with a strong personality, as well as a tender side. We lost him a few years ago when he was thrown from his horse while preparing to take a grandchild for a ride. I have always wanted to write something that would preserve his unique perspective of life and his wonderful personality, and I hope that I have done justice to his memory with 'The Living Hunger'. He is embodied in the main character, Sergeant Farrell Jenson, and many of the events that take place in the book are true albeit in a different time and place. Another main character, Rod, is patterned after my uncle, a polar opposite of my father and is the only living sibling.

A hardened war veteran collides with a venomous leader and rogue assassin, turning Northern Utah into the next great battleground.

Sergeant Farrell Jenson survives a world lost to nuclear and biological warfare only to find his home destroyed and family missing. He joins forces with Gary Merrill, a local business leader, and Major Melanie Ghostkeeper, a Marine Medic, to begin the process of rebuilding. A small group of survivors unite under a banner of freedom and hunker down in Bear River High School. Friendships and love are forged in the hot fires of adversity as they fight for their very lives, amidst a world turned upside down, where death is the new way of life.

A festering evil is combing the land, led by one man, Don Bullock. The rotund, venomous leader spearheads a community with a taboo, underlying secret that will pit good against evil in a dramatic show of force and violence between the two groups. Solomon, a rogue African assassin, launches a one-man assault on the Bear Riverites, seeking blood and retribution to satiate his bloodlust and quench his need for flesh.

Each side gambles all to control a newfound drug with the potential to save mankind. This new 'currency' trumps all, where money is worthless and food and women are king. As the struggle escalates and new battle-lines are drawn a host of unwitting participants are pulled into the fray, fighting for all they hold dear.

Book One of The Living Hunger Series begs the question: 'Which side will render your support and where will your allegiances lie?'

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