Life Over Love - kindle ebook by Cheryl Seagraves

Life Over Love
Cheryl Seagraves

This book  is not your typical romance novel. Written to help women in similar situations understand that while it is hard to leave such a scary situation, they can leave behind that harmful, disturbing past and have a life, a future full of promise. Be warned "Life Over Love" has been described as an "emotional tearjerker" making it hard to get through some of the abuse scenes without crying. That for some it is too graphic. That is because it is the real account of what many women have had to and still do endure in their daily lives. Many women like the author herself. Many like those she met during her short stay in a battered women's shelter who endured worse, some who are no longer with us to tell their story. Follow Brianna as she struggles to put the painful past behind her. Experience  her story as she works towards building a life she can be proud of for herself and two small children and root for her when she discovers the love that she so desperately deserves!