The Story of My Vegetarian Life - kindle ebook by Saudia Cunningham

 If you're looking for a dramatic yet funny take on a break up, "The Story of My Vegetarian Life" is the book for you!  The story trails the life of Angela Glenn after a longtime relationship unexpectedly comes to an end.  Wanting to take back control of her life, Angela decides to become a vegetarian.  A seemingly easy task, Angela realizes she has bit off more than she can chew; encountering family secrets, dating mishaps and hidden passions all while finding her true self. 

This coming of age tale will inspire young and mature, women and men alike.  Those dating, newly single or making lifestyle changes will enjoy, and hopefully become motivated, by the character's journey.  The author, a vegetarian herself, includes personal recipes as an added bonus.  The cover artwork gives a glimpse into the thoughts taking place in the main characters life.  Designed to be an entryway, this is surely just the beginning.  There is life lessons nestled within each chapter. 

"The Story of My Vegetarian Life" is a delightful read, adding an element of surprise that will leave you guessing throughout the entire book.  There is a small piece of Angela Glenn deep inside all of us.  Find out which part relates to you and follow along on the road to happiness!