Pyotr Ilyich - ebook by Adin Dalton

Tchaikovsky's life revealed as never before. His immense fame, unlawful sexuality, mysterious death, and the splendid music which surrounds it all paint a unique and intriguing portrait of one of the most beloved composers of all time. After being forced to attend a secret trial with a horrific outcome, can he find a way out of a web of revenge, deceit, and unforgiving fame? Or will Fate have the last word?

   The writing of my book, Pyotr Ilyich (the first and middle name of the nineteenth-century composer Tchaikovsky) was an eight year long endeavor. When I learned that the circumstances of his death are a mystery to this day, I became obsessed with the subject and started researching his life. The story I discovered was amazing, and I felt it would be best shared in a novel format so that the reader could be a fly on the wall and literally be there with him as he composed his works. His life is a colorful one, immersed as he was in the opera, concert hall, and ballet world of Tsarist Russia.

Tchaikovsky's homosexuality was a problem, living as he did in the conservative Victorian era. As the author, I dealt with this straight-on, without any apologies or timidity. In that respect, my book would be best appreciated by readers seventeen years or older.

The most difficult sections to write were the chapters were Pyotr was ill or suffering. I had such a personal connection to him that it would really upset me whenever he was in trouble somehow. I would actually tremble, and would sometimes have to delay the writing until the following day when I felt calmer. If you knew me you would think this very strange because I am not normally so emotional.