The Z Redemption - kindle ebook by Daniel Wetta

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If you are a fan of steamy suspense thrillers with life-and-death
entanglements, unexpected twists, lightning-fast action, characters
who live and love passionately, then you will not want to miss this
engrossing novel of romance and danger in Mexico!

The Z Redemption was born out of a personal loss of a murdered friend
in Mexico, but it became so much more than a way of remembering him.

Yes, my young friend and neighbor, Israel, was tortured and murdered when I lived in Monterrey, Mexico. There was no justice for this bright, innocent young man of twenty-six. He was alone and no one came to save him. It must have been horrible for him. Wanting to be a voice for him, I started my investigations into the activities of drug cartels and organized crime. If no one had heard his screams, I thought that I would scream for him by writing this novel, The Z Redemption.

But a couple things happened: One is that I discovered there were/are tens of thousands of "Israels," male and female, who have died or disappeared like him in Mexico, and probably millions throughout the world. The other is that there are equal numbers of heroes who are fighting to bring this situation to the attention of people who are not bought by the cartels and mafias of organized crime.

I never met a Mexican person who is not in love. They are the most affectionate people, so loyal and loving to their family and friends, and so inclusive when they know who you are. Their national character infected me.

So despite the subject matter of The Z Redemption, the novel is full of passionate love: the kind between lovers having affairs, the rooted love of best friends, the love between mentor and protege, and unrequited love that respects the loyalty of others. Many of the characters can do what they do in the novel, which is to become heroes, because they have the power and motivation of love behind them.

Israel was an intelligent and fun young man who was excited about his future. He died because he fell in love. Somehow I think he knows about this book, and now he knows that all his friends and family would have gone to the mat for him if they had had the chance.


A call for heroes! Is passionate love the transforming force that
forges heroes? David James, ex-CIA agent and co-founder of a quasi-
paramilitary group called the Zs, never expected to find passionate
love in Mexico with a married business woman, Ana Valdez. Ana herself
had surprises in life. She unwittingly became a living symbol, a
national icon for the Mexican people sick to death of the corrupt
government leaders who could not protect them from the bloody excesses
of the drug cartels. While trying to hide their affair, Ana and David
get sucked into the violent world that they are trying to upend.

They have friends in high places, including the President of the
United States. In Mexico, their associates shockingly orchestrate a
military coup. The Mexican Armed Forces sequester the Mexican
President and most of the members of the Federal and State
governments. With the help of the Zs, David and Ana feverishly work to
manage the chaos which ensues in Mexico. Things quickly take a
desperate turn when El Gato, a boss in Mexico's most powerful drug
cartel, personally targets David and Ana for his own self-serving
purposes. He has shocking plans: to exploit them in his mission to
build a "Narco-continent." The bedlam of civil disturbance in Mexico
and the United States as a result of the coup provides the perfect
environment for him to accomplish his goals.

In addition to the Presidents of Mexico and the United States, the
cast of characters includes leaders of international drug cartels;
military commanders; young Zs like Enrique Santos who will fight for
freedom and public safety; and Eduardo Ortiz, the crafty "king maker"
behind the scenes of Mexican politics.In the center is David Wilson
James, a man whose life of intrigue is book-ended by two passionate
affairs with Mexican women who shape his extraordinary life. These are
Annie Ortiz, Eduardo's daughter, who is the ardent flame of David's
youth, and Ana Valdez, the younger woman of David's older years, for
whom David would give his life.

Redemption can only be achieved through blood and high purpose. Are
the personal sacrifices of David and Ana sufficient to pay the ransom
that will stop the advance of unconscionable evil? The Z Redemption
cuts into the deep entrenchment of organized crime in the world we
think we know. It shows the kind of courage ordinary people will be
forced to muster in order to fight its cancerous growth.