The Trade - Kindle Ebook by Colby Marshall

This isn't just another serial killer story.

Some are so desperate for a child they're willing to pay any price. For a sadistic killer who likes to watch his victims die after leaving them in dangerous circumstances, the demand for live newborns means he can have his cake and eat it, too. Where life is a commodity, a killer can become an entrepreneur.

But while the brilliant and ruthless surgeon makes his hobby a payday, others cash in, as well. As the underground black market baby trade thrives throughout the city, five individuals whose lives are touched in different ways by this shady ring of organized crime go about their day to day dealings, no idea their fates are all twined to one another, the actions of each unknowingly setting course for the others.

A widower desperate to bring home his kidnapped son; a scrappy street rat turned surrogate who learns the couple adopting her child are anything but worthy; a rule-breaking nurse with too much understanding and everything to lose; a drug-addicted lawyer with a plan gone terribly wrong; a young wife who is the only victim of the Cradle Robber to survive.  Little do they know they're intricately tied to a black market baby ring operating in the city, and only the collision of their five lives can bring it down.

The Bone Collector meets Taken, this story's treacheries don't end with the vicious serial killer terrorizing the city. As veteran reporter McKenzie McClendon and former Navy SEAL Noah Hutchins team up once again to search for the killer and a child he has taken and sold, they must peel away the layers of complexity surrounding those involved and find out which are innocent bystanders, and which could get them killed.

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