Prophecy of the Kings - kindle ebook by David Burrows

Fantasy with a dragon twist.

Kaplyn, Vastra and Lars discover a rare power deep in the heart of a mountain. Their journey is fraught with danger and the route they must follow beset with traps, laid by Eldric sorcerers centuries ago. There are clear signs, for those that can read them, that demons are once more starting to cross the Great Divide, seeking souls. A time is fast approaching when the fabric between the worlds will thin sufficiently for demons to cross in greater numbers and war looms, but the people remain ignorant of the impending threat.

The Eldric, the saviours of the Krell Wars, are gone, mysteriously vanished from the world. With their going, the world has lost the means to defeat the demons for only the Eldric had the mastery to do so. The ancient enemy, Trosgarth, has not been idle and new threats are being created to defeat the alliance. Grakyn, krell and death knights are gathering in the darkest reaches of the world.

Kaplyn's discovery will tip the balance of power. Unwittingly he finds a means of opening a gateway to the demon world. A permanent one. Vastra is greedy and lusts for power and conceals his own agenda. A collision of powers will rip the fabric of space and time allowing the shade of a dead emperor to cross between worlds. Dragons are coming. Will they save or damn the world as the drumbeats of war grow ever louder?

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