Understanding Death (Spirituality) by Uma Girish

"Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving" Kindle eBook by Uma Girish

Common perception: Death = The End.
My book's view: Death = A New Beginning.

Losing someone or something, no matter what it is—a job, pet, marriage, loved one—suggests an ending, a final goodbye, a severing of attachment. That's what brings on incomprehensible grief. My book presents a more consoling view, something I have come to know as my personal truth. Our loved ones are not lost to us forever. We're connected to them. Forever. Using the top 10 questions grievers normally ask—What happens when we die, Why do bad things happen to good people, Are our loved ones most to us forever—the book attempts to demystify what is an extremely challenging transition in our lives. The Grand Extinguisher, or Death, is perceived as the enemy. Yet it is the common denominator in our lives and so worthy of better understanding and acceptance. That is my humble attempt. Using personal stories from my life following the loss of both my parents, I illustrate some of the concepts we struggle to accept, prone as we are to judge everything from a "scientific" angle. Grief is all about dropping down into our heart space in order to explore, engage and enlighten ourselves.