Lady Alice, Ibiza and Me - kindle ebook by AJ Bendaker

Romance, Scandal and Skulduggery - not necessarily in that order!

Octogenarian Lady Alice is dead, having danced over a cliff in Ibiza. Her daughter Lauren is a very busy queen bee and she's looking after her injured husband, so her best friend Adele goes in her stead; to clear Lady Alice's house ready for sale and to find a mysterious memoir that Lauren wants destroyed - the scandalous revelations within its pages threaten to rock her world.

But Adele finds a lot more than she bargained for on Ibiza, including a tall, dark handsome Catalan. Is he the gentleman he seems, or is he a cynical Player, keen to notch up another conquest? And how exactly did Lady Alice die?
Adele is bewitched by the beautiful White Island, but is everyone and everything as they appear to be?