Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit. A Professional Guide to the Business of Acting - a kindle ebook by Beverly Leech

Industry endorsed and 5 star reviews.  The Go-To book for the working actor.

"Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit" can show you the path for a career worth having. Starting with a realistic game plan, each successive chapter is the actor's next move. It lays out every stage of the game: from headshots and resumes, to getting an agent, talent contracts, comprehensive methods of submissions and auditioning for stage/television/film, unions, scams, and hard-won wisdom of the open road. 

"Actors by nature are renegades. We don't want to conform – we want to act, and that's all. We'll plunge the dangerous depths of psychological menace in a role, but mew like a stray cat over a cold call to an agent … The purpose of this book is for young actors to reach for legitimate skills and services to find work in this industry; to survive its ever-changing tastes, and crickets-or-cannonballs energy."

From Broadway to Soundstage, Beverly Leech is a 30+ year veteran and working actor.  Recent credits include "Modern Family," "Rizzoli & Isles," two national Microsoft commercials currently running and directed by Roman Coppola, plus a holiday feature due for release in December 2013, "Christmas in the City."

Carpe Diem, and Break a Leg!

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