Lanosha and the Magic Within, Fantasy/ YA/Sci-fiction by F.M.T.A

Fourteen-year-old Lanosha Anderson isn't like many teenagers. Lanosha learned to embrace the paleness of her skin, the yellow in her eyes, and her ability to generate different forms of light with her mind. Lanosha has yet to meet anyone like her; so the older she became, the more she wondered about her birthmother who died shortly after she was born. 

When Lanosha discovered an enchanting bag in her attic that belonged to her mother, her father Andrew is forced to open up about her mother's dark past. Andrew, with the help of an enchanting, talking bird named Norgee, explained to Lanosha that her Mother was an Invoker, a mystical being from another world.

They told Lanosha she is a part of a prophecy to stop the death of every world that is connected by the Mystical Barrier. They also tell her there are dangerous Invokers, known as the Shadows, who want to kill Lanosha, and another girl named Cebastian, to prevent the prophecy from happening.

After a few days of coping with the truth, Lanosha learned of the Shadow's plot to destroy her high school. Lanosha managed to get to school just in time to save everyone, but she later learned that her father is missing and believed he was taken by the Shadows. Together, Lanosha and Norgee crossed the Mystical Barrier into the other world to save Andrew and to find Cebastian before the Shadows do.