An Impossible Choice - kindle ebook by Cindy Cowles

Do the needs of the many really outweigh the needs of the few? That's
a tough question to answer for Hennrietta Peers, when the few in
question are members of her friends and family. So when a series of
strange events leads her to build a time machine and take a peek into
the future, where she discovers a power hungry madman attempting to
take over the world, she decides to ask another question
do you stop someone who is practically invincible, someone with
unlimited strength, who can recover from any injury? She doesn't have
the answer yet, but she's willing to find it - or die trying. Because
the other question involves her going back in time to stop a
revolutionary medical discovery that has allowed some of her friends -
and thousands of other people - to live a normal life...and in some
cases, to live, period, and that's simply not acceptable.
An Impossible Choice is a science fiction/fantasy novel with a strong
female heroine. It's a tale of love, friendship and the fight for
what's right for everyone, not just the majority.

You only go around once on the carousel of life...enjoy every minute.