Change Your Perspective - kindle ebook by J Poet

Does your life need to be replenished with positive reinforcement on a
continual basis?

If you answered 'yes', please know that you are not alone. This book
of poetry will not only soothe an aching soul, it will transform the
mindset of its beholder and will transform discouraging thoughts into encouraging ones.

'Rejuvenating, invigorating, and refreshing describe these profound
and thought provoking writings. Each originally hand crafted poem has been designed to remove the scales from the reader's eyes, so that they can view their life from a positively new perspective.'

This collection of inspirational poems by author J Poet examines
issues of the heart, faith, love, hope and a myriad of other topics
relating to the Christian faith. There is a poem in this book for
every age group, young and old alike. Daily struggles are also
addressed in this book. Poet provides healing to the broken-hearted, the weary and the hopeless with the encouraging words contained

The author's objective is to draw the reader to either begin a
relationship with Jesus Christ for the first time or to deepen an
existing relationship.

            ABOUT THE AUTHOR

J Poet has received worldwide recognition for her writing
accomplishments. She is the recipient of an Editor's Choice Award from
The National Library of Poetry. She is a nominee for Who's Who in
America, and she has published poetry in London, England. This
international poet believes that life is best lived by taking it 'One
day at a time!'