CHOP SHOP, the Deconstruction of America - kindle book by Jim Freeman

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I've been around the block a time or two and, perhaps like you, wondered how we ever came to stand by and watch our financial disintegration. So, I got busy and looked into the matter.

The matter is deep and fuzzy, as full of the obfuscation Wall Street, the Banks and the economists who 'never saw it coming' dropped and continue to drop on us. Funny? Yeah, actually it is, but uncomplicated as well and an interesting story. Story is everything in this world. If you don't have a story, you have neither a listener nor a reader.

I have a story for you. America has been chop-shopped like a stolen car and you're going to love the read. You know what a chop-shop is. It's a place where they take stolen cars and chop them up into pieces, pieces that are worth more than the car on its own four wheels. It's illegal, except in the case of Wall Street and the Banks--who made it legal by paying off a distracted and greedy Congress, so they could hot-wire the car you and I call America and drive away.

When you chop-shop a car, there's lots of money to be made, but no car at the end of the process. When you chop-shop a country, there's enormous profit in it, but no economy left at the end of the process.

They really don't want you to know this, but you and I are going to share the secret. Take a ride with me.