The Book of the Forsaken (The Game, #1) - kindle ebook by Yannis Karatsioris

In the words of an ancient demi-god, we follow the modern tale of three unique individuals:
Igor Rubinstein, a dark trickster with shadowy desires.
Robert Cassidy, an outspoken ex-convict with a passion for nicknames.
Daniel Maladie, a bibliophile with the extraordinary ability to be afraid of everything.

A mysterious plot woven by the ancient demi-god brings these three together, and forces their lives in a whirlwind of events surrounding the Book of the Forsaken. Who are the Forsaken races? And why does the sinister Game that takes place on the dark side of the moon between the Forsaken and the Magi concern the three aforementioned outcasts? They will travel all around Europe without having choice, learning that myths and legends of the old world are real... more real than their imagination would have them believe.