Coming Clean in Lerpe - a funny cozy mystery by R. Jimon

A cozy of a different caliber with a rollicking cast of heterogeneous humans and assorted animals!
Becca Keck is a thirty-something American woman living in Germany who needs a respite from her multi-cultural, chaotic home life. But rather than getting some relief, her senile and ill-tempered  elderly neighbor almost freezes to death in her backyard, then the niece of that same neighbor dies in a freak accident, and, to top it off, Becca is forced into almost daily confrontations with a clean freak who brings her German-Irish temperament to the boiling point with alarming regularity. 
And World War III starts up in the little German village of Lerpe!
But instead of using weapons of mass destruction against her enemy (which would be her preference), Becca snipes at the clean freak with gossip, domestic animals, and by befriending the crotchety old man who also happens to own the house where the clean freak lives. The clean freak, in turn, devotes herself to her share of passive-aggressive nastiness, and things escalate, of course--to murder!
After the old man is found dead on her property, Becca realizes there is really only one person around with reason to want him dead (and guess who that is).
Unfortunately, no one else shares her opinion, and she's compelled to investigate the murder by herself, no matter how ill-equipped she is to do so.