Counterpoint - kindle ebook by Daniel Rafferty

Counterpoint is a fascinating mixture of fantasy, philosophy and fast-paced action taking place in the present day. Planet Earth is nothing but a gigantic laboratory, managed by angels but now ruined by devils. It's a world where angels wear sharp suits and talk corporate-speak, and demons exchange dry banter about whether the human race is worth saving. God is gone. The Archangel Michael wants to commence with evaluation of the vaunted Human Experiment. The problem? The evaluation of the Human Experiment is to only take place when evil has vanished and God returns. Michael believes God shall not return and that Heaven and its angels have been left with a defective world to run for eternity. Therefore, The Archangels sets about using the might of Heaven and all angels under their command to turn earth into a battlefield of epic proportions. Doing this will cost billions of human lives. The Bassett family, of Irish descent and with unique abilities, are the only stumbling block to Michael's plan. High-ranking angel Ariel is made responsible for "securing" the Bassett family, and as the conflict begins to unfold, amidst an unreal, unsettling global tempest that seems never to cease, the family is forced to go on the run.

Join David, Ariel and Amber as they take on both Heaven and Hell in an effort to save an entire world from destruction. Discover how epic events in human history are not what they seem, and read with shock and awe as massive characters are introduced into the arena including Archangels, Demons, The Three Sisters of Fate and even Death herself. All are battling, for one reason or another, over the Human Experiment.