Crossing the Line - A light romantic read on Kindle e-book

If you're in the mood for a light quick read in romantic vein, try
"Crossing the Line" by Jean Acre, available for Kindle by Amazon.

A little more than boy meets girl, this is the story of two people
forbidden from falling in love by common social mores, but, thanks to
our heroine's subterfuge, fall in love they do. Our handsome but dour
hero tries not to cross the line of propriety. This creates an
interesting dynamic of reluctant tenderness mixed with conflict - a
conflict that rips our socially crossed couple apart. When they meet
again several decades later, their past continues to dog their relationship.

While the book contains a tiny bit of erotica, this is subtle and does
not overwhelm the main story. The book is about relationships, the funny
things that happen in families, the dialogues that draw people together
or tear them apart. But most of all, it's about believing in true love
and romance. Try it!