Sunni Knows - kindle ebook by Lawrence Grodecki

"Smart, sexy & mysterious with interwoven characters - think 'Love Actually'." That's one reader's take on Sunni Knows, and it would be hard to sum it up any better than that. Sunni, which is short for Sunaria, is actually a bit of an outsider in this mix of mixed-up characters. They're all pretty smart, but it's hard to tell, given the things they do, and their apparent blindness, denial, or confusion when it comes to love. They care for each other in the oddest ways, clutching to secrets from the mild to the ancient, even to the point of tinkering with something perhaps sacred.
There is one secret that ties them all together, though it takes awhile for them to realize it. When they do, the lives of these half dozen people change forever, and you will wonder whether it was fate all along, or merely coincidence . . . it's as simple as believing in love or not.
The funny thing is, Cupid seems to be playing her own game with them, regardless of what they think . . . or do. However, instead of slinging arrows, she seems to prefer throwing curve balls . . . a lot of them . . . lots of swings and misses, but there's also a home run or two . . . and in the end there is no denial.