Ducky Duck Doesn't Want to Be a Duck - A children's ebook 3-8 By Jenny Loveless

Oh no! Ducky Duck Doesn't Want to be a Duck. He wants to be a
bunny. Oh deer! No really, he wants to be a deer too. Ducky Duck is
having an identity crisis. He wants to be anything but a duck.
Throughout the story, Ducky finds clever innovative ways of
becoming and experiencing being different animals for a day. He lives,
explores and learns all about who he really wants to be.
Ducky's mama is very supporting through his adventure in
discovering his true self. He also has many friends. Benny Bunny,
Beavis Beaver and Donny Deer are wonderful additions to this funny and
educational picture book. Help teach your child the value of always
being yourself and loving who you are.
Ducky Duck Doesn't Want to be a Duck has beautiful eye catching
illustrations to keep your tot focused. It also has catchy repetitive
text which makes it the perfect beginner reader book.

Excerpt: "Mama, I want to be a bunny. Bunnies have a lot of fun, so
now I'm going to be a bunny.
"Okay Ducky," said Mama. "You go be a bunny. But make sure to be home
before dark."
So Ducky Duck went to be a bunny.

5 STAR review from Readers' Favorite says

Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite

Ducky Duck Doesn't Want to be a Duck by Jenny Loveless is
about a duck who wants to be anything else but a duck. Together with
his friends, Ducky goes through different identities in a humorous
little adventure.

What an excellent book for children. I read it with my 6-year-old
niece and 8-year-old nephew. They both love the fact that there are
colorful, big pictures on each page and that the texts are just the
right amount with just the right size. The prose is straightforward
and easy for the kids to read or learn to read. We finished the book
in two sittings in one day. We could have finished it in one sitting
but unfortunately I, as an adult, had things to do -- much to my niece
and nephew's protest. In fact, my lovely niece requested that I
include this book as one of her regular bedtime stories.

Behind this funny, colorful, and imaginative story is an imperative
and deep message for the children: learn to love and accept yourself.
Brilliant work from author Jenny Loveless. She definitely knows how to
write for children and make them love her stories. I am happy to
recommend this book to any parents who want to make sure that their
children are entertained and educated at the same time. I am going to
check out Jenny Loveless' other works and I am planning to make her
books as the primary fun-learning source for the children.

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