Love Thy Sister - a suspense with romantic elements by Maria Grazia Swan   Love Thy Sister

A story of a sister's love and a woman scorned

Mina and Paola, Rachel and Sarah.

Two sets of sisters, from opposite ends of the world.

They came to California with the same sense of survival, the same yearning for love.

But life isn't perfect, not even in sunny Orange County and Italian-born Mina can't seem to find her niche in her adopted country.

At first she fights for her sister, then for her sister's business that is sinking like the Titanic. When the strange death of one of the employees turns out to be murder, Mina discovers an old family secret that turns her world upside down. Open this book and take the twisting road that will guide Mina and her blue-eyed lover to untangle the web of lies, adultery and greed, and put her life back together.