Hatching Discordia - kindle ebook by John F Hope


Satirize today's crazy world in an even crazier future, add a bizarre
story, sprinkle liberally with zany and whimsical characters, and you
get Hatching Discordia.

The Fertile Crescent Republic is a tiny Middle Eastern oil state where
defrocked doctor, Godzbadeh Ampzilla, happens to be in exactly the
right place at the right time to reap the eternal gratitude of the
sheik. Wallowing in the sheik's benevolence, and filling in the gaps
with his own blend of reptilian skullduggery, Godzbadeh slithers into
supreme leadership of the Fertile Crescent Republic.

Europe is now ruled by the New Holy Roman Empire, after a cabal of
governments and greedy corporations have pillaged the financial system
into collapse and left society ripe for a theocracy. Former insurance
salesman, Enrico Carrera, inveigles his way into the papacy by riding
on the achievements of a sleepy Spaniard who can perform miracles to

Meanwhile, Ike Yamamoto, the quixotic chairman of a Japanese
industrial corporation, is working on an indulgent genetic quest to
make women lay eggs. Ike's self-opinionated and truculent
supercomputer, Sally, makes provocative pronouncements that strain the
already malevolent relationship between Godzbadeh and Pope Enrico to
breaking point. And thanks to the bungling of Ike's incorrigibly
clumsy Mexican janitor, the prototype human egg hatches into something
weird and unexpected.

Through a hilarious and chaotic sequence of whimsical events, the main
characters make their way to the relative safety of a sleepy village
in Crete. Pope Enrico and Godzbadeh Ampzilla are determined to
exploit the curious hatchling to resurrect their religious and secular
authority. Both men employ ludicrous and unscrupulous methods towards
their goals, but who represents the lesser evil with which good men
can forge a compromise?