Primordial Labyrinth - kindle ebook by John A. Ayala

Have you ever envisioned a post-human future? Lost your patience with
the overuse of moral dichotomies in contexts where they are not even
relevant? Do you want to be challenged as a reader and grow in your
soul? Primordial Labyrinth is set beyond morality, beyond nihilism,
beyond humanity. Singularities, Simulations, War, and Multiversal
Technologies await you in the world of the Post-human Cosmic Bloomers.
Ideas and imagery that will stay with you are interspersed with poetry
and cosmic lore. The protagonist reasserts the authority of the
narrating voice in a story that is told only through him. You might
wonder whether the scenarios are utopian or dystopian and why you
can't identify or empathize with the characters; but the real question
is: in a world that is not human, would they identify or empathize
with you?

In order to begin your reading, these words by the 19th century
philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer will serve as an introduction to what
was once your universe:

"In the lowest notes of harmony, in the ground bass, I recognize the
lowest levels of the objectification of the will, inorganic nature,
the mass of the planet."

Second Universe, the highly anticipated sequel to Primordial
Labyrinth, is available now.