Jessie's Song - kindle book by Eleni Papanou

Finalist for the 2013 Readers' Favorite Book Awards!

Markos Adams is famous, but not for his flashy guitar chops, leading man good looks or homemade baklava. After a heavily publicized suicide attempt, he resolves to get his life and mind back in order. The morning after his return to the stage, Markos's worst nightmare is realized when his daughter, Jessie, is abducted. The kidnapper contacts him with the terms of the ransom. Markos must identify who he is in twenty-four hours. If he fails; he must commit suicide. Markos races against the clock to unmask the kidnapper and starts to question his sanity when he experiences visions of Jessie singing to him. Is Markos slowly descending into madness, or is he the victim of a sadistic criminal act that  will force him to face his biggest fear...that he'll die before seeing his precious daughter again.

"Jessie's Song is a wonderfully crafted mystery novel that explores themes of life, love, art, sanity and death, in rather unusual ways. Fast-paced and action-packed, it is a most uncommon, yet exciting case of abduction to read about, written with thrilling passages and sequences."  Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

The novel that almost wasn't…

Jessie's Song had gone through many rewrites, starting off as a screenplay. The darkness of the theme challenged me, and I struggled to make it work in the way I had envisioned. After reworking the screenplay several times, I still didn't like it. I gave up thinking I'd never open the file again. After I had written my first novel, Unison, my intuition told me to give Jessie's Song another chance.  I'm glad I listened. In novel form, Markos Adams was free to tell the story from his perspective. His connection to life through music shone some light into the darkness, saving the story from being dragged to the trash.