Quest for the Red Sapphire - kindle ebook by Rival Gates

 If you like action, drama and mystery in a world of magic and swordplay then "Quest for the Red Sapphire" is what you've been looking for!  It is the first book in the Sapphire Chronicles.  When General Linvin Grithinshield is summoned home from the Goblin Wars he takes up the mantle of his late father's trading empire.  There is little time to settle into civilian life before the blade comes calling again.  His mother's sudden assassination sets events in motion.  For only then does Linvin discover his destiny is to become Master of the Red Sapphire.  The mystic gem of legend is said to be the most powerful magic a mortal can possess.   To find it he must solve a puzzle with two of the pieces required, a staff and a key.  Clearly his mother's killers wanted the items and will relentlessly pursue Linvin now that he possesses them. 

Along with his wise uncle Anvar and hated fraternal twin cousins Bander and Rander, Linvin takes up the quest out of fear for his life and desire for vengeance.   Their adventure is wrought with danger.  The twins fight Linvin's every decision, but are a minor irritant compared to the escalating foes Linvin's party must fight on their quest.  Giant man-eating wolves with long powerful bodies and double-rowed teeth called Trogoandras stalk them.   That is only the beginning of their troubles.  Thieves and bandits block their path and bring their own form of terror.  Goblins and even a dragon stand in their way in search of blood.  All the while they have no way of knowing if assassins are lurking just out of sight.  Linvin must defeat all his enemies including his own weaknesses to prove he is worthy of the mighty stone.   It is a race that he must win or else the world loses.  The odds are against him, but that's the way the General likes it!