Operation Wedding Crash - Kindle ebook by Sandra Sookoo

Hijinks ensue when an ex-couple hatch a plan to stop their friends' wedding, but way before the hilarity commenced, the author, Sandra Sookoo, had some research to do. The journey included a trip to the doctor's office, visits to potential wedding locations, and a tasting at a bakery.

Nora "Can't Say No" Lenhart suffers from severe stomach pains and the story opens at an undisclosed medical facility, where she's undergoing tests that ultimately determine maybe she needs to learn to say no more and ditch some stress, but then the phone rings and her stress multiplies. Find out the source of her woes in "Chapter One: The Stressed-Out Maid of Honor."

Though Camden Webber wants nothing to do with the wedding, he'll stand by his best friend, even if it means scouting Indianapolis for the perfect site for the ceremony and reception with his ex, Nora. As the big day approaches, they explore the city and the failure of their past relationship. Find out how the bride-to-be played a pivotal role in the demise in "Chapter Eight: The Cake Tasting a.k.a. Rehashing Unsavory Sexy Times."

Ultimately in the writing of this book, Sandra concluded, "There's more to love and relationships than sausage... German sausages. Get your minds out of the gutter." Find out if the bride agrees with the decision in "Chapter Thirteen: The Rehearsal Dinner... is that a frankfurter in your pocket?"

Operation Wedding Crash is a wild ride that takes the reader from Indianapolis to Santa Barbara to Honolulu and back to Indianapolis. To find out what havoc, if any, monkeys wreaked, you'll have to read the book.

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