PLAN X - kindle ebook by Rory Tate, Lise McClendon

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When you read a thriller you want to get lost in its world. In PLAN X that world is a big one, full of intrigue, plots, regrets, and adventure, as officer Cody Byrne finds herself chasing down the identity of a bomb victim who is mostly definitely not who he seems. The secret identity, one of the more fascinating tropes in fiction, leads her -- and you the reader -- down a crazy rabbit hole where Shakespeare might have penned one last play and the British Royals have a few skeletons in the closet. Meanwhile she's battling wartime demons, nightmares from Iraq that keep coming back more vivid and terrifying than ever.

Who was this Shakespeare professor, and why in hell did he hide these fragile old documents with his colleagues? Why is Cody's estranged father after the same papers? Some of the questions she must find the answers to, either home in Montana or halfway around the world, high on the ramparts of a castle.