Positive Affirmations for Love! a self help, non fiction book by Caroline Kingsbury

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Positive Affirmations for Love!

Positive Affirmations for Love, will help you allow love into all areas of your life! Love and accept yourself, operate from a position of love, be loved and find your perfect partner! Become romantic, experience true romance and allow love into your life!

These positive affirmations for love have been especially written to allow you to undertake a journey towards feeling, accepting and expressing love in your life. You will become open and ready to express love from the core of your being, and receptive for love to enter your life. You will experience deep contentment and joy, and you will see your world fill with wonderful love, which will surround and support you.
Become Truly Loved!

It is so important to be loved, and to live your life with a wonderful partner, in a caring and beautiful relationship. Using the positive affirmations contained within this book, you will learn to open your heart to love, and to operate from a position of love, allowing the love that you desire to enter your world. These affirmations for love will take you on a journey of self exploration and awareness, and as you affirm , you will experience the world in a new and loving way!

You can use these Positive Affirmations for Love just as they are written, and you can start to affirm right away, in order to start to send a message to the universe that you are a person who is truly deserving of love. What are you waiting for? Find the love that you truly deserve today, and focus your thoughts on the love that you truly desire and deserve.  I wish you every success on your journey towards love!