The Search for Bryant Hunter - A Kindle ebook by Stan Smith

In the middle '60's and early '70's, there was a rash of cattle
mutilations in the western states. The animals were found with organs
removed, skin flayed from the bodies, and no evidence of how these
gruesome deeds were done. Growing up in New Mexico, I had a first-hand
experience with this phenomenon, as many of the mutilation occurrences
happened in the state. One of our senators even persuaded Congress to
fund a study of the events—but no cause or perpetrator was ever found
for them.

I always wondered what sort of creature, animal or human, would seek
to do such damage to such humble beasts…and for what bizarre reason?
That was the genesis for the story idea behind "The Search for Bryant
Hunter." From that germ of an idea, a novel grew, and over the course
of several years, I refined the idea into what now exists as a
thrilling story of suspense, betrayal, and wonder.

Four individuals are drawn into an increasingly bizarre world of
strange phenomena, terror, and danger, as they seek the answer to the
riddle of the disappearance of Bryant Hunter, the son of a mysterious
billionaire industrialist, whose past hides a dangerous secret.

I hope readers have as much fun with the story as I had writing it!