Reluctant in Uniform Two or Up to your neck in the Ulu by C J Harcourt

About the book

Reluctant in Uniform Two or Up to your neck in the Ulu follows a
reluctant soldier's amorous adventures during the 1960s confrontation
with Indonesia.

Set in the far east during the confrontation with Indonesia - a
reluctant hero finds himself up to his neck in deep jungle and even
deeper in the Ulu.

'Humorous escapades and a tale of military intrigue, deception and all
round general cock ups' - a reluctant soldier battles against the
Indonesian military and the British Army at war.

A sideways look at a little known minor war for all but those who
served in it, with major significance for Asia and the birth of nation
Malaysia. The book is a humorous in and out of uniform tale of dirty
tricks, MI6, special forces and a longhouse of head hunters in Borneo.

If you have never been in jungle read the book before the film comes out.

About the writer

As an ex serving special forces soldier Chris Harcourt draws on his
military background and writes his military books under the pen name C
J Harcourt.

Other books in the Reluctant series by the author include Reluctant in
Uniform: pig gone soldier on, the first book of the series soon to be
released in paperback and available now on Kindle.

The third book in the series follows early in 2014.