The Dragons of Jupiter - kindle ebook by Jacob Holo

The worst enemy in war is family.

Brothers Kaneda and Ryu Kusanagi once fought side by side to defeat Caesar, a rogue machine intelligence that almost enslaved humanity.
They succeeded, but Kaneda was forever changed and began to see all artificial life as dangerous.

Now Kaneda seeks to destroy Matriarch, his creator and the last true thinking machine. He and his Crusaders will stop at nothing to achieve her death even if it means destroying Europa, the moon of Jupiter he once called home.

Ryu and his fellow Dragons stand against Kaneda and will do whatever it takes to protect their way of life. The two brothers are set to collide in a battle that will shake the great powers of the solar system and force both men to question what they believe in.

"Great plot, great characters, great world, and one heck of an awesome
ending. That's pretty much how I would describe The Dragons of Jupiter
if someone asked me about the novel. The story centers around two
brothers Ryu and Kaneda, their personal war, as well as the ongoing
interplanetary conflict that is raging around them. The author does an
excellent job of introducing the characters as well as the universe
they exist in. The characters are done extremely well and it is
interesting as a reader to become aware that you are favoring one side
of the conflict versus the other. Some of the characters follow
stereotypical sci-fi archetypes but that is one of the charming things
about this book. The plot ranges from huge battles to small scale
one-on-one fights and it handles each equally well. I won't include
any spoilers but will note that I thoroughly enjoyed the ending."
- Dan Pederson – Smashwords Review

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