Son of My Father - A Family Dynasty - a mainstream fiction novel - kindle ebook by Peggy Hattendorf

A panoramic tale of a multi-generational American family dynasty
brimming with corporate intrigue, greed, lust, love, personal and
business conflicts, deceit and betrayal.

With its blend of business and boardroom drama, family succession
planning coupled with beautiful and sophisticated people living lavish
wealthy jet-setting lifestyles - it's a riveting story appealing to
men and women.

Christiana Lynn Barrington's pedigree world is built, presented and
controlled by her billionaire father Jonathan.

She never knew anything else.

The Company was the core of the Barrington family. "Groomed from the
womb," Christiana would often quip.

Though she believed her father loved and respected her, there was
always a certain distance between them. He was "Father" never "Dad."
Frequently she wondered if he'd wished to have had a son instead of a
daughter but she never posed the question. Maybe she was afraid of
the answer.

As the only child of Elizabeth Matthews Barrington and Jonathan, she
is the heir apparent to the world-wide behemoth Barrington Holdings

But a threat to her hard-earned succession waits in the shadows ready
to take everything she's worked for away from her . . . .