The Sharing Moon - YA Fantasy Romance - Kindle eBook by Christy Campbell

Elijah Solomon is a lost soul. Neither an angel or a ghost, Elijah roams in between the Before and After, with no memory of how he died. There are no names or faces or voices.  A restless wanderer, Eljiah is summoned by The Messenger, who sends Elijah back to the human world for another chance. This time, Elijah must redeem himself by changing the life of another; the troubled girl with the misty blue eyes.

It isn't easy to have a second chance, Elijah soon realizes. Clues from his past arise and dreams reveal secrets that Elijah isn't prepared for. He begins to wonder what kind of darkness led him to this current place in his new life . . . and someone else wants him to remember.

Seraphina Adams  is a lonely introvert with an impossible mother. Haunted by her own demons, Sera has never been in a relationship, and must contend with the grief in her life that has led to a state of constant sadness. When she meets Elijah, Sera learns that opening up and trusting others can be the hardest things to grasp.

A complex story of two teenagers who enter each other's worlds, and fight the ghosts that threaten to come between them. With a mix of suspense, conflict and fantasy, The Sharing Moon casts a unique light on the fragility of both mind and heart.

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