Sweet Redemption Kindle e-book by Heide Katros

Sweet Redemption is the sequel to Make Me No Promises. One of the
characters in that previous book literally talked to me and demanded
that he is not the guy I painted him to be. Sweet Redemption is in
part about war veterans who come back to civilian life and get lost in
the shuffle. Oh, don't think for a minute this is a ho-hum novel. Joel
aka Jeremy wants to find redemption in his own eyes. Tall, dark and
dangerous, he will capture your heart. It's as sultry as the summer
nights on the Louisiana bayous with twists and turns that put the
roads in the Swiss alps to shame. I like to keep readers on the edge
of their seats, kind of like a rollercoaster ride where you don't know
if you'll plummet off into space or whether you'll stay on the tracks
and make it back safely.