The Wedding Blogger - Kindle eBook by C.J. Moss

Written by a former wedding magazine writer, The Wedding Blogger is a
funny, wild ride that will take you behind the scenes of the bridal
business and into the world of modern-day dating. Fresh out of
graduate school, Hayley thought she would be working as a sports
writer and living it up with her boyfriend--not serving beer to
undergrads and Facebook stalking her ex. So when a friend pulls some
strings and gets her an interview at a bridal magazine called "I Do",
she knows she can't shrug it off. Mesmerized by the fancy "I Do"
offices and desperate for money, she tells the ed-in-chief one little
white lie to get the job: "I'm engaged." She hopes her boss will
forget--but instead, she's asked to blog about her upcoming wedding
for a national audience. Her fake life is going fine until she meets
Kevin, a good-looking teacher with a secret of his own, and starts
using their relationship as "inspiration." As her relationship gets
more serious, she finds herself deep in a World Wide Web of lies. It's
not until she has everything that she realizes she's created a trap
even she can't get out of... not without losing it all.