The Kiss of Karma - kindle ebook by Vimal Vaz

The Kiss of Karma - A Psychological Thriller

'He promised to save her…and he'll do whatever it takes.'

Fourteen-year-old Ash Choudhary lives with a drunken and abusive
father in a council house in London's crime-ridden East End. His
mother says their crummy existence is down to karma – punishment for a
ton of bad deeds done in past lives. Whatever. Ash thinks his real
problem is keeping Sherifa Khan, his Muslim girlfriend, a secret.

But…what the hell is that red stuff on his little sister's dress?


She recites the sickest poem he has ever heard. It can mean only one
thing…and the thought is unbearable.

What should he do about it? What can he do? He's just a kid. Should he
just block it out of his mind? Tell someone? Who? What would happen if
he blew the whole thing wide open? The consequences would be
devastating. The shame of it. Ash is trapped. No one to turn to. His
mother is hopeless – a victim herself. "It's our karma," she says, her
answer for everything.

But Ash refuses to accept all this as fate. To turn a blind eye is not
an option. He is a determined kid and he made his little sister a
promise he intends to keep.

Alone, he embarks on a dangerous and violent quest to get his father
out of their lives.

The Kiss of Karma is a story of lives wrecked by secrets; of courage
and survival, and love and tenderness amidst brutality. It is about a
boy prepared to do whatever it takes to change destiny. A gripping
thriller and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, Ash's story will
resonate in your thoughts.