Hyde's Corner Trilogy - Book I - No Man's Land - Kindle Book by J B Bergstad

Unfortunately, the free promotion for Book I of the Trilogy series has
expired, but you can get your copy of Book II free through August 31,
2013 at http://www.smashwords.com so hurry and obtain your copy
today. I will release Book III later this year or early 2014 and will
offer a similar promotion at the time of release.

Here's what some of the fans of Hyde's Corner – Book I had to say
about their reading experience:

Curtis: "I'm not an author nor am I an avid reader of fiction. With
that said I can't wait for Book II of The Hyde's Corner Trilogy. J B
Bergstad tells a story in such a way you become an active observer of
a story taking place and not simply reading a book. The descriptive
detail and authentic historical context is the way J B Bergstad pulls
this off, delivering you into the city of Hyde's Corner and Sundowner
County. By the third chapter I found myself wanting to read just one
more whenever time allowed. I should also mention my wife asked me to
'dim the screen' when that 'one more chapter' was being read late at
night in bed."

Sue: "WOW, What else can I say! What a fantastic read, I could not put
this book down. My dear Mr. Bergstad, you have a great gift. That is
one of the best books I have read in quite some time. The characters
were so believable and the detail of everything was incredible. I am a
reader not a writer, I find it so hard to put my thoughts on paper.
What a great read, I am going to start the next book right now! Thank

Tammy: "I just bought this e-book and can hardly put it down!! J.B.
Bergstad's writing is absolutely captivating. I was drawn into the
story from page one. His descriptive style is lyrical and the
historical backdrop adds an authentic edge which, as the reader, hooks
you into each and every scene. Although this has a western bent to it,
this story has a more modern day flavor, which I feel will appeal to a
broad range of readers. The storytelling is breathtaking and if you
love the escape of a great novel, this is the book for you! Can't wait
to finish Book I and get Book II in my hands!

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