The Little Book of Social Media - kindle ebook by Rebecca Del Giudice

Learn How to Master Social Media!

If you work in a small business or a non-profit, or you are a corporate worker just looking to brush up on your social media knowledge, this is the book for you!

Social media can help you promote your brand, attract new customers, and sell more products. This ebook provides quick tips that you can start using right away so you can realize the benefits of social media NOW. The book does not overwhelm you with marketing theory, but provides easy-to-use tips. The book also includes examples to show how other companies have used social media well. It also includes some cautionary tales of companies that have not been as successful in their use of social media -- so you can avoid their mistakes!

You'll find quick tips on how to:

•          Create a social media strategy

•          Identify sites and platforms that you should use

•          Leverage sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube

•          Generate content your customers will love

•          Protect your reputation

•          Grow your audience

You'll also find a comprehensive list of tools and resources you can use to stay current in the ever-changing world of social media.

Whether you are just starting to use social media professionally or you need to find some new ways to improve your company's social media strategy, this book can help!